Tequila Worms

 Dedicated to all things tequila


The Tequila Slammer

There is the macho ritual of placing a pinch of salt on the back of the hand between thumb and forefinger, licking the salt, chucking a shot of tequila down your throat, then sucking a lime. A lemon is an acceptable substitute.

Pour a shot of tequila. Lick the space between the thumb and the index finger on your left hand, then sprinkle this area with salt. Taking care not to spill the salt, hold a lime wedge in the same hand. Pick up the shot glass in your right hand. Lick the salt, down the tequila in one, suck the lime then slam down your empty glass. Some drinkers manage the salt, lime and tequila in the same hand, but this takes practice. It should be served in a caballito which is a narrow shot glass.