Tequila Worms

 Dedicated to all things tequila

Tequila Worm Facts and Fables

• In 1870 a medical report from London said that this exotic drink had the power to purify the blood.

• Drinking a shot of tequila has the same pick me up as 3 cans of Red Bull.

• Tequila is not a Class C drug "Prof Paul Crosby".

• Tequlia was used as an anaesthetic during the American Cival War "Taken from the book Battlefield Surgery - The Beginners Guide.

• There can be a million or more earthworms in one acre of soil.

• The tequila worms have 7 rows of razor sharp teeth that can prove dangerous if not removed (Warning should not be used for bait !) "Reverend Lomas".

• Tequila, it makes you happy "Terrorvision".

• The Tequila worm was introduced to Mexico by Pilgrims who kept them as pets during the long and arduous journey South.

• Mexican footballers who make their international debut must eat a Tequila worm whilst singing the National Anthem.

• Worms are more powerful than the African elephant and more important to the economy than the cow. - Charles Darwin.

• "Take your stinking tail off me, you damn dirty worm " - Planet of the Worms.

• Eating a Tequila worm just before intercourse can increase your sexual prowess "Prof Paul Crosby".

• Ancient Mexicans worshipped the Tequila worm for its mystical healing powers. Ancient Mexicans were not too bright.

• Worms breathe through their skin, which must be moist for the exchange of air to take place.

• The Tequila worm is extracted from the ground by Mexican peasants using chicken bone handled spades - Taken from the book "A Guide to Grubs" By Stephen Woodworm.

• Regularly watering your cactus with Tequila will produce a smooth and spineless plant.

• The tequila worm has both the male and female sex organs and uses them wisely.

• The heaviest recorded tequila worm weighed in at 5lbs 7oz and was courageously snared by Pablo Gonzalez lazlo Jalisco in 1876 at Guadalajaia, Mexico.

• The Sierra Gold Cup is held every decade and contested by the nations finest racing worms. The main event is the 1 metre sprint and the current champion is British outsider 'Woody Woodworm'.

• A worm is 75-90% water.

• Tequila worms are one of largest causes of Heart disease.

• Humans can be traced back to a direct desendant of the African worm.

•Tequila worm racing became a banned sport in the Mexican town of Zihuatanejo.

• Rubbing tequila on a dogs nose causes it to go "smell blind" for 24 hours. They couldn't sniff out a meat pie if you slapped it in his face.